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Installing Git

Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. Can use brew to do the above instead of apt-get?

Or it's better to download apt-get for my Mac, then use it to do the installation? The install instructions are specific to Linux. Mac is not supported. Some adventurous people have installed TensorFlow Serving on their Macs. It is the package manager that I feel most comfortable to not mess my Mac up. I keep several disposable VMs for various projects. I like the idea of not polluting my Mac OS with too much development cruft. Thanks mountaintom! First post to Github Anyways, I've been getting sudo: apt-get: command not found. I'm running Yosemite I keep getting sudo: apt-get: command not found.

Any idea what could be causing this?? Homebrew is the equivalent for the Mac. It looks like Mac installs are still not officially supported; but some people have been successful in installing on their Macs. I checked to see what I could find regarding Mac installs, and it looks like people are using the Bazel source install.

downloads - sudo: aptitude: command not found - Ask Ubuntu

To install the prerequisite they are using Homebrew. Additionally, you will need to install Xcode. The following issue pops up repeatedly , however the issue may have been resolved. The error happens because the binary you are trying to call from command line is only part of the current user's PATH variable, but not a part of root user's PATH.

How to Install Homebrew on Mac OS X + Getting Started with Homebrew

You can verify this by locating the path of the binary you are trying to access. In my case I was trying to call "bettercap-ng". Jul 21, AM in response to akki. The apt-get command is specific to some varieties of Linux e. There are similar offerings to apt-get for OS X but all of them have to be installed before you can then use them to install packages. You can also of course do it by hand by installing GIT on a Mac along with the Mac Command Line tools and then GIT cloning the source for a package and compiling it just like it is sometimes necessary with Linux.

Jul 21, AM. I have already installed the macports.

Install Fish on Ubuntu via .deb

Tried fink as well. Still i dont seem get the option to install anything using the terminal.

Installing Dependencies

I am currently running on What do you think might be the issue? I dont think i need Xcode because as per the terminal i have xcode already. Any help is appreciated. All of those package installers have their own list of software from which you can install. You can't install anything in the world. Thank you for the reply. I finally got it working.

Installed homebrew and I am happy the way terminal works now, Just the way I like. As per the brew doctor, my mac does have fink and macports installed as well. I will try and find some resources for them and try my luck using them. Question: Q: sudo apt-get command not found.

How to install Atom editor in Ubuntu

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