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Borderlands The Pre-Sequel: XP and Skill Points Hack! (How-To Using Cheat Engine)

That is quite weird, and I suspect not a lot of folks are going to be willing to do something like that to their system, just to support some game mods. Simple solution is to create a symlink: This actually affects Windows as well. When Borderlands loads a savegame, it runs all the weapons and items in the savegame through a "sanity check" to make sure that the items are valid.

If you don't notice at the time and the game saves over your game, you'll have lost that item. Hitting Alt-F4 to force-quit the game would prevent overwriting your save, if you notice in time.

Borderlands 2 Cheat Engine Table

Some Borderlands mods will create items which would otherwise run afoul of this sanity check. So, the solution is to disable these checks!

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For Windows users, c0dycode has created a Hex Multitool utility to handle hex-editing this sanity check out among other tweaks. He's also got a Borderlands Mac and Linux Stuff page with information on hex-editing on Mac and Linux, along with a little Python script to automate it for you. Skip to content. Code Pull requests 1 Projects 0 Wiki Pulse. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 31 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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Sign up. Linux and Mac Setup Gotchas Jump to bottom. Case-Sensitivity Issues Linux: So, in order to execute mods when first starting up, this is the procedure: When you get to the "Press any key" screen, hit a key to go to the main menu Once at the main menu, wait for a few seconds for the game to establish a connection to Gearbox. In BL2, you may see a very slight glitch in the character animation when that happens. Hit Esc and then "Yes" to get back out to the Title screen. From there, you can pull down the terminal and exec patch. DLC Directory Ordering Issues This is a rather bizarre issue, due to some cross-platform differences between Windows and Linux, and because of some behaviors of the Borderlands engine.

Linux and Mac Setup Gotchas · BLCM/BLCMods Wiki · GitHub

For instance, the internal part list collection for one class mod from the Dragon Keep DLC has this property name: So, how do I fix this? So theoretically you could create an ext4 partition, use the following tune2fs command on it: Bypassing the Sanity Check This actually affects Windows as well.

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Also included is a Third Person Camera mod and a free camera mod. They are still a work in progress and may still be a little buggy. The Ini edits from Borderlands 2 may still be necessary for a more stable third part camera. This will give you access to ALL the console commands. Now open the console and type in "Camera Thirdperson" for third person mode and "Camera Firstperson" to go back to first person mode. Simply change the value to 1 or click on the box to activate it. Google Drive - Dropbox. Like x Last edited: Oct 30, InAGiiZ , Oct 16, Similar Threads.

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PC Borderlands: Cheat Engine Addition Question midsidion , Oct 19, Learn2Game , Oct 23, Learn2Game Oct 24, Cheat table Boss unique option still here? Oct 16, 2. Would also like to note that not everything is ported over to Borderlands Pre-Sequel yet.

TechnoJacker , Oct 16, Oct 16, 3. Again great to see you working on it and thanks. Oct 16, 4. Oct 16, 5. Nice Job. Oct 16, 6. Oct 17, 7.

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TechnoJacker , Oct 17, Oct 17, 8. Oct 17, 9. So, I was giving my friend skill points, moonshards, and levels. He left the game to go see if everything stuck to his profile but when he went to his inventory all his weapons were gone.

I don't know what happened and is there anyway to fix it? Oct 17, Could you teach me how to get the best chance of legendaries in a game?

SkyrimFence , Oct 17, Tick the following: Then do the same for amount dropped but change it to 2. After you have done those, go ahead and tick the item you want to drop Weapons, Shield, Grenades and Class Mods. I will go into Oz kits soon Now you should see options for the loot rarities, change odds mulitplier and amount dropped to the same as above and 2.

One those are changed, tick White loot and change the Odds multiplier to 0. Do the same for every other rarity besides legendary. Now tick the legendary box and change the odds multiplier to , nothing else needs to be changed in that catagory. Now with your desired loot enabled, anything you kill will drop legendaries.