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I used Amnesia for years, and found it useful. I also use AppDelete and Zapper, both of which have become my go-to programs for deleting apps since Koingo's abandoning of Amnesia. Could this have anything to do with it? Koingo is not updating 'Amnesia' as in the past. It is for sale and I assume Koingo will keep the last version 1. I always found Amnesia annoyingly slow, and ultimately deleted it.

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As to your last question, look at the reviews and comments from users under each Koingo App at this site. You will soon get a picture of the recent 'complications' in the Koingo-MacUpdate relationship. Just got an email from Koingo. They are dropping support for anything below Yep, this is officially no longer a supported or sold title by Koingo. We're disabling the listing as we do with all discontinued apps. Like 3. I've used Amnesia from the first public beta with not a single problem of any kind. I've never heard of "Data Guardian. I don't know why soeone doesn't like my review.

Like 5.

Remove programs without leaving a trace

It wasn't me who disliked your opinion. But it would be better if you could explain why you think Amnesia excellent. Did you compare with other uninstallers? With which results?

Remove programs without leaving a trace

And what about the lack of speed? Jazzyguy, I like every review you post. I often go to your macupdate page just to see what you are dling and to read your informative, helpful reviews. Sometimes in this rush-rush world all you have the time to write is "Excellent," but not often.

Don't let one newbie who doesn't understand netiquette and hasn't taken the time to read your many and thoughtful reviews helping the mac community keep you from doing what you do so well. Like 2. This time they got the App Store version and their own download version out the door at the same time.

Like 1.

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Like 6. This page shows version 1.

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Seems that 1. Show more. Go to reviews App requirements:. Intel 32 Mac OS X Developer Website:.

Koingo Software, Inc. Penumbra: Necrologue is a continuation of the Penumbra series made by Frictional Games. The game starts right where the last game in the series ended Penumbra: Requiem.

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In our game you will see new objects, quests, textures, monsters and music. With the help of the latest HPL engine, this mod will be even more beautiful then the previous games.

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As huge fans of the original games, we kept the atmosphere exactly like the previous parts. The game is very story-driven and contains many objects that can be interacted with, along with clever puzzle designs. This addition will This optional file is the French Translation for Penumbra Necrologue 1. Ce fichier optionnel est la traduction Ruckler in der Kanalisations map wurden behoben. Final version of the mod. Contained some minor changes. Fixed fps drop in and outside sewer map. Has Mac OS and Linux support.

The patch for the Penumbra:Necrologue 1. The patch is contain both English and Russian versions No files were found matching the criteria specified.

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