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The desktop includes a desktop background or wallpaper , the Dock , and the menu bar. You can open files or applications from the Dock or Launchpad. You can also display files , folders , or shortcuts on the desktop background area. The Notification Center displays an alert when you've received an update. It can be customized to let you know of upcoming appointments, tweets, news, and other real- time events. It remains hidden until you click its icon in the top-right corner.

When you click the magnifying glass icon , it will open Spotlight. Spotlight allows you to find a file or application by typing the name or just part of the name. On the right side of the menu bar, you will see the date and time , along with shortcuts you can click to adjust settings like sound volume. The menu bar will contain different menu options depending on which program you're using. In this example, the active program is Finder. In the top-left corner of the screen is the Apple icon , which you can click to access your System Preferences , recent documents , and more.

Setting up PHP & MySQL on OS X Mavericks

You can also use it to shut down your computer. The desktop background, or wallpaper , allows you to personalize your computer. You can either choose a built-in background or use one of your own images. You can keep folders , files , and shortcuts on the desktop so they'll be easily accessible. When you delete a file, it is moved to the Trash.

Make sure you’re ready to upgrade.

This allows you to recover the file if you change your mind. To permanently delete a file, you'll need to empty the Trash. The Dock can contain shortcuts to applications , files , and folders. If you have multiple programs open, you can use the Dock to quickly switch between them. Launchpad allows you to see a list of all of your applications. It is designed to make it easier to find and organize your applications. When you double-click a folder, it will open in a specialized program called Finder. This lets you navigate to the specific file or folder you want.

When you use any operating system, you'll need to know how to open files , folders , and apps.

4.1. Copy the OSInstall.mpkg

In OS X, you can open something by clicking it in the Dock or Launchpad , or by double-clicking it if it's on the desktop or inside a folder. When an app is open, the icon on the Dock will have a light under it. You may notice that the Finder icon always has a light under it—that's because it's always running , even if there are no Finder windows open. Some apps in OS X have a full-screen mode that lets you just focus on one app, with no distractions. These apps have a double-arrow icon in the top-right corner.

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When you click the icon, the app will zoom to fill the entire screen, and everything else will be hidden. Not all apps currently support this feature. However, it is used by many of the pre-installed apps such as Calendar , Safari , and iPhoto. The menu bar is located at the top of the screen. It is always visible except for when you're running a full-screen app.

How to Clean Install OS X Mavericks

The options on the menu bar will vary depending on which app you're currently using. The name of the app will appear in bold near the left side of the menu bar, and the options to the right of the name allow you to perform various tasks within the app. On the left side of the menu bar is the Apple icon , which you can use to access your System Preferences , recent documents , and more. You'll also use the Apple icon to shut down or restart your computer.

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On the right side of the menu bar is a magnifying glass icon. When you click it, it will open Spotlight , which is a tool you can use to search your computer. If you're having trouble finding a file , app , or folder , you can just type the name in Spotlight, and it will show you a list of results. The Notification Center icon is located on the far right of the menu bar. When you click it, the Notification Center will appear on your desktop.

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It keeps track of all of the alerts you receive for upcoming calendar appointments, tweets, news feeds, and other application events. The Notification Center can be customized to show as many or as few app alerts as you want. Mavericks allows you to use many different multi-touch gestures with your mouse or trackpad. These include pinches , taps , double-taps , and swipes. Each gesture performs a specific task, and by learning different gestures you can increase your productivity. To use multi-touch gestures, you will need the right equipment.

If you have a laptop, the built-in trackpad can be used. For desktop computers, you can either use the Magic Trackpad or Magic Mouse. One of these may have been included with your computer; if not, they can be purchased separately.

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    It kept telling me that the Mavericks installer was corrupted. Using the older version I was able to install Mountain Lion and I will upgrade from there. Apple has the upper hand on this one.

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    Not Good! Super frustrating. Have spent hours researching and followed everything to a T!! What a shame.: Please help. Thank you in advance!!! Great site.