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The drag-n-drop libarary is beautifully done, the style objects my name not the apps are easily modifiable and path decorator allows the use of objects following paths IE: draw out a bicycle chain. More export features would be nice but for those Illustartor users complaining the PDF export maintains layers and shapes pretty nicely.

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As a long-time Illustrator user who can no longer justify the purchase price, Artboard is the perfect solution. The included clip-art is excellent — fresh and instantly adaptable. What an incredible value. I was looking for a vector drawing program to do a small, but fairly complex site plan with layers for differentiating services. I tried a couple of drawing program demos, but was very impressed with the easy learning curve of this program and the ability to do everything I needed with the provided tools. Other programs I tried were much more expensive, but more importantly to me, much more difficult to learn and use.

Artboard may well be that program. This has been brought to Artboard, along with a lot of additional work to make this a truly flexible program. It has a slightly different interface to many programs with its use of styles — which can take some getting used to. However, my early attempts to use it have shown that this has its own advantages. It handles lists and tables beautifully and generally feels very responsive and easy to use. I can generate the shapes I want quickly and easily, and the built in styles offer a wide variety of ways to jazz up drawings.

The program also makes a lot of typical tasks very easy — such as adding handles to a point on a bezier curve. Two minutes with the demo was enough to tell me I finally had a usable vector application on OSx without spending silly money. While I agree the mixed clipart was abit weird at first, using a bit of common sense it easy to filter them according to type.

Would be better as button shorcuts or something though for the filtering insteadof the drop down. Aside from that I found it fairly intuative and surprisingly bug free unlike many other vector applications I have tried. Its not perfect and I will be contacting the developers with some suggestions I think would improve the interface and some ways of working and see how they respond. If you are after a vector app download the demo from their web site as I did. I needed this for my consulting biz, to give quick draw examples for my clients.

I am a novice to PhotoShop ect… but Artboard got me up and running, and doing what I got it for. Overall, strong v1. This design veteran recommends Artboard. OK, while Artboard by Mapdiva will not replace your copy of Adobe Illustrator, it is an extremely well-rounded and polished app capable of doing a lot of vector illustration tasks. Silky smooth in fact. Well-organized and simple UI. Great basic tools. Fast tools even with big pieces of art and numerous layers.

Some cool styles and clip art. Support for both my Wacom tablets. Decent text tool. A few keyboard commands inconviently missing alignment of objects, create new layer, move up and down through layers with keyboard, etc, but that may be my Illustrator background talking. This design veteran recommendeds Artboard. In a certain way, the missing vector program for the Mac… translated.

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Beautiful program! Artboard has powerful drawing features that match ones found in high-end vector drawing, CAD, and mapping applications. Artboard has the concept of layers that you can place objects on, order in different ways, and show and hide at will. Even the guides you snap to and the Grid Graph Paper are on their own separate layers.

A path style can be made up of an amazing array of strokes and fills that combine together to make up the final result. For example, do you want a line that is yellow in the middle, with a dashed center-line and two thick red borders on each side? The included library of clip art, styles, and templates by itself is worth the low price of this application and it is a 5-computer license! The interface is beautiful and uncluttered. The same way I now use Pixelmator more frequently than Photoshop for simpler tasks.

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I expect to use Artboard for line drawings far more frequently than Illustrator. Download Artboard 2 trial. Apple Staff Favorite App for College! Artboard at Apple Keynote Event. I really like Artboard. Enriski as seen on the Mac App Store U. Superb Wanted to let everyone at Mapdiva know how pleased I am with my purchase of Artboard. Doug Garfield personal communication. Ken Weiss United States. Great program! Best Mac Drawing Software!

Download Artboard trial. Roberta L. Great Family Drawing Program! Excellent rich power! Thanks to the team for deliverey of this app and keep up the creative ingenuity! Remarkably full featured What a great product this has turned out to be. I look forward to the continued evolution of this great application. Gradenko as seen on the Mac App Store U. Apple Featured App for Education!

The drawing experience with the curve tool and the other free hand tools are so smooth it is like the program is drawing for you. Download the Trial Version. Artboard… does a good job of demystifying the often confusing concept of illustration to new users. It also handles certain tasks with a such finesse that pros will likely also be interested in checking it out.

Mac App Store Featured App! Artboard for Mac brings vector graphics to the masses. Lisa Jocobs as seen on Marketing Creativity.

The only limit is your imagination This app simply put is amazing! Artboard is awesome, I like it better than Adobe Illustrator! Artboard is perfect. Lesley Wright The Royal Bakery. Welcomed Surprise! The best vector drawing app Highly recommended. Just what the doctor ordered… It is necessary to say that to work with Artboard proved to be surprisingly convenient.

MacLife Rated Great! Just keeps getting better.

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Chrismprism as seen on the Mac App Store Australia. Excellent for the price This application is great for super quick and easy graphics, and there are plenty of tools that you would find on more expensive vector programs. Good Software… Great Promise Hey… kudos to the team for a good product on the way to becoming great …if you understand vector drawing and have used the current leader, …this one is done quite well and you will be right at home.

Splendid graphic program!!! Loving Artboard, paid for itself already! Apple Staff Favorite!

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I recommend this super application. Anonymous as seen on the Mac App Store Mexico. Designed for the Designer! An excellent companion to Pixelmator As a long-time Illustrator user who can no longer justify the purchase price, Artboard is the perfect solution. Impressed Wow. The best OSx vector app I have found so far. Overall very good program for basic vector artwork Overall, strong v1. Because it's part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, you can easily share your data and access all of your assets — including brushes, images, colours and styles — across all of your devices.

There's also an impressive library of Photoshop plugins available to add extra functionality to the program. Find out more in our Photoshop CC review. Affinity Designer has everything you need to create custom designs and illustrations.